Some Seasonal Gardening Tips For Autumn

Some Autumn tasks for gardeners
* Plant spring and summer-flowering bulbs.
* Continue to regularly dead-head flowering perennials and annuals
to keep them blooming.
* Collect up fallen autumn leaves to make leafmold for use in two years time.
*Prune any climbing and rambling roses not already done after blooming has finished.
* Water camellias, rhodos and azaleas with rainwater and feed
them with a sequestered iron product to promote good blooms next year.
* Reduce height of blade on lawnmowers and mow once a week /ten days in dry weather.
* Carry out Autumn lawn maintenance: raking thatch / aerating / top dressing /Autumn  lawn food
* Crop outdoor tomatoes, potatoes, marrows etc and pick apples and pears when ripe.
* Add this season's garden waste to compost heaps and bins and turn regularly to accelerate the process.
* Keep on top of weeds to prevent them spreading.
* Sow hardy peas and beans for next year.

For more suggestions, watch Gardener's World ( BBC2 Fridays nights )
and tune in to Gardener's Question Time on Radio 4, Friday and Sunday afternoons.
RHS website has lots more information.