Garden Safety

On Saturday 18th October after the meeting, there was another training session
on 'Health & Safety in the Garden'.

This was aimed at giving a greater awareness of how to garden safely, avoiding
personal harm by careful use of tools and equipment.
It covered topics such as allergic reactions to plants, insects or chemicals and
over-exposure to the elements; cuts, bruises and back injury and measures we can take
to avoid or deal with this happening.

Although the politically correct notion of 'health and safety' can strike terror, or
sometimes boredom into the hearts of gardening enthusiasts, those attending the
session seemed glad afterwards and said they'd found it surprisingly useful.

Being health and safety conscious when gardening, is mostly about using common sense,
to protect ourselves, our gardens and the environment.

Another Health and Safety training session will run in early 2009 for any Kilburn
Library Garden volunteers who haven't yet attended one.